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Prepare upstream repository transition

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# FeM Gentoo Overlay
## This repository has moved!
**The fem-overlay has moved to our new [GitLab instance]( and is now available at
Please update your repos.conf accordingly!**
This Overlay contains ebuilds used on [FeM]( servers and infrastructure.
A notable example is ffmpeg enhanced with the abilities to use NDI and decklink capture cards.
Title: fem-overlay moves to a new upstream repository
Author: Adrian Schollmeyer <>
Posted: 2021-08-13
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 2.0
The current FeM Bitbucket is being replaced with a GitLab instance. As such,
the fem-overlay, whose upstream repository is currently located in the FeM
Bitbucket [0], will also be moved to the GitLab instance.
The new repository is:
We will continue to mirror the fem-overlay to the old repository [0] until
2021-10-31. After that day, it is no longer guaranteed that the old repository
will be up to date and it will be removed some time later. Furthermore, the
SVN mirror [1] will also be disabled.
Depending on the overlay management tool being used (and if such a tool is
being used at all), the repository URL in /etc/portage/repos.conf might have
to be adjusted to match the new upstream URL. If in doubt, check
/etc/portage/repos.conf for any occurences of the fem-overlay, e.g.:
$ grep -R fem-overlay /etc/portage/repos.conf
If a line pops up with the old upstream clone URL [2], edit the corresponding
file and insert the new upstream URL instead. If a line pops up, containing
the GitHub mirror URL [3], the system is not affected by this change and
nothing needs to be done.
If the URL had to be changed in repos.conf, it has to be changed in the cloned
repo as well. Assuming, the repository is cloned to /var/db/repos/fem-overlay,
run the following:
# cd /var/db/repos/fem-overlay
# git remote set-url origin
Alternatively, you can just remove the repository so that the repository is
freshly cloned upon the next emerge --sync:
# rm -r /var/db/repos/fem-overlay
Afterwards syncing now fetches from the new upstream repository and further
changes should not be necessary.
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