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ci: Support ignoring config entries

Some config entries can be safely ignored as they are determined upon
building the kernel anyway. This commit adds a simple grep to exclude
lines matching given config names.
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......@@ -2,13 +2,14 @@ image: $CI_REGISTRY/gentoo/fem-overlay-ci-image:master
ARCH: x86_64
- "cp -v ${CONFIG_NAME} ${KERNEL_SOURCE_PATH}/.config"
- "make -C ${KERNEL_SOURCE_PATH}* olddefconfig"
- "grep -E '^CONFIG_' ${CONFIG_NAME} | sort > ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-pre"
- "grep -E '^CONFIG_' ${KERNEL_SOURCE_PATH}/.config | sort > ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-post"
- "grep -E '^CONFIG_' ${CONFIG_NAME} | grep -vE \"${CONFIG_IGNORE_STR}\" | sort > ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-pre"
- "grep -E '^CONFIG_' ${KERNEL_SOURCE_PATH}/.config | grep -vE \"${CONFIG_IGNORE_STR}\" | sort > ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-post"
- "diff --color=always ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-pre ${CONFIG_NAME}.filtered-post"
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