1. 30 Nov, 2022 5 commits
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      Makefile: Install check_ram2 · 3f6e9ba2
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      check_ram2 needs to be installed on the system as well.
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      debian: Update dependencies and .install files for check_ram2 · be0eebf2
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      check_ram2 gets added as part of the base package. However, since it
      introduces bc(1) as dependency, the control file needs updating.
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      Update CHANGELOG · 3b17c5da
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
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      README: Add info about check_ram2 · e92f5dcd
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      This commit adds the general description, dependencies and license for
      check_ram2 to the README.
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      check_ram2: Add new plugin · e0ba7512
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      The old check_ram plugin returns quite imprecise measurements and
      inconsistent performance data depending on the options set. It
      furthermore had problems if the system locale wasn't LANG=C. This
      improved version was written from scratch and supports systems with any
      locale set, since it relies on /proc/meminfo for data. It further allows
      a more consistent setting of thresholds and outputs performance data
      Since this plugin is incompatible with check_ram in terms of the usage,
      it is added as a second monitoring plugin.
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