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`pip install git+`
## Usage
`python -m arubawlan-python-scripts.add_aruba_ap <options>`
`python -m arubawlan-python-scripts.<scriptname> <options>`
## scripts included
### `add_aruba_ap`
Adding APs to AdminDB2, Aruba Mobility Master, Wiki Warehouse-Page and Netbox.
Usage example: `python -m arubawlan-python-scripts.add_aruba_ap --user $ADMINDB_USER --password $ADMINDB_PW --mmwhitelist --mmuser admin --mmpass $MM_PW --mmproxy "socks5h://" --model "ap-515" --wikiuser $LDAP_USER --wikipassword $LDAP_PW -b AP-Zuordnung-HausI-lite.csv`
Other cli-parameters: `python -m arubawlan-python-scripts.add_aruba_ap --help`
You need access to Management-network for configuring the AP in the Mobility Master, so most probably you have to open a SOCKS-proxy via a jumphost: `ssh -D 8081 ...`
### `prepare_aruba_ap_switchport`
In case the user is connected via cable to the AP, the previous userport has to be moved to the access point's switchport in the AdminDB2.
Usage example: `python -m arubawlan-python-scripts.prepare_aruba_ap_switchport --user $ADMINDB_USER --password $ADMINDB_PW -n <apname> -s <AdminDB2 Switchport ID`
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ import setuptools
description="Aruba-WLAN Python Scripts",
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