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# Changelog
## Version 1.0.0
### Additions
* Initial `aruba.py` script
* Add Aruba APs
* Initial `hausaufgang.py` script
* Create Hausaufgang objects
* Initial `patch.py` script
* Create equivalent Rear Port bulk patches
* Create free bulk patches
* Initial `switch.py` script
* Create switches with modularized interfaces
# Netbox extension scripts
This repository contains the custom scripts which are integrated in the frontend of FeM's NetBox.
## Available scripts
### aruba.py
`aruba.py` provides utilities for working with the Aruba WiFi system.
* `AddArubaAp` – add new Aruba access points and set the device's parameters
* enforces correct AP naming scheme
* auto-connects rear-facing uplink ports with the accompanying passthrough port if needed (currently only for AP-205H)
* configures VLAN and IP-address on the uplink interface
### hausaufgang.py
`hausaufgang.py` provides utilities for working with FeM's representation of the wall sockets in the dorms, called “Hausaufang”.
* `AddHausaufgang` – add a new Hausaufgang with the given set of ports
* ensures every Hausaufgang belongs to a site
* enforces corret naming scheme
* creates the corresponding device with Role “Hausaufgang”
* creates the Rear Ports and Front Ports which represent the wall sockets
* `ConnectUserports` – unused script which is left there because NetBox complains if it is deleted
* do not use this!
### patch.py
`patch.py` provides bulk patching utilities.
* `BulkPatch` – Generic bulk patching script
* Patch Interfaces, Front Ports and Rear Ports to other Interfaces, Front Ports and Rear Ports
* `EquivPatch` – Equivalent Rear Port Bulk Patch
* Creates equivalent patches between two Patchpanels' Rear Ports (i.e. Rear 1 connects to Rear 1, Rear 2 connects to Rear 2, etc.)
### switch.py
`switch.py` provides utilities for documenting switches
* `AddSwitch` – Add and configure Aruba/HP switches with modularized interfaces
* creates the switch and adds interfaces according to the provided number of modules
* allows selecting which interfaces are SFP+ instead of 8P8C
* depending on the module, manual adjustments are necessary afterwards (some modules have only 22 instead of 24 interfaces)
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