1. 14 Apr, 2022 2 commits
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      Version bump 2.1.0 · bb796b8f
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      ports.py: Add script to correct port names · 94b93045
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      Bulk creation of ports with certain naming schemes wasn't always
      possible that easily. Using alternate naming schemes was
      easier for bulk creating, but didn't reflect the actual labels on the
      patch panels.
      This commit adds a script that allows conversion between the
      bulk-creatable naming scheme “duplex-port-*” and the often more
      appropriate naming scheme “Port X/Y”.
  3. 09 Feb, 2022 2 commits
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      aruba.py: Add new script PrepareCutThroughArubaUplink · fcf1734e
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      There is need for a new script to prepare an Aruba AP uplink in a
      scenario where a cable going to a user's socket is cut through and the
      AP is inserted in between the cut, connecting the AP uplink indirectly to
      the switch and the user socket to the AP downlink port as a means to
      provide connectivity to the user.
      This scenario is used for the Wi-Fi deployments in houses H, I and L and
      might be used in other houses as well.
      This version of the script is not compatible with user sockets connected
      directly to an interface (for some unknown reason). Instead, the socket
      must be connected to another pass-though port (e.g. the rear port of a
      patch panel). This is not considered to be an issue, since in reality we
      can safely assume that a user socket is connected to a patchpanel before
      being patched to a switch port.
      Closes #5.
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      Update deployment script: Make it more safe · 903e2189
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      * Use mktemp(1) instead of a fixed directory to ensure the temp
        directory is a new unique directory and doesn't interfere with
        something else.
      * Add a 5 second delay to a production deployment in case the deployment
        was by accident.
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