1. 03 Oct, 2022 6 commits
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      switches: Add AdminDB consistency checks · 6d61f5a5
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      This commit introduces checks against the configuration in the AdminDB.
      This ensures AdminDB configuration and the source of truth in NetBox are
      Since this check requires credentials for connecting to the AdminDB and
      introduces a dependency on our AdminDB dbhandler Python module, this
      report requires new parameters in the NetBox configuration and
      more required modules in the local_requirements.txt of NetBox.
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      switches: Add required setup checks · 9ca436b6
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      A few parameters have to be properly configured for Switches which are
      used in some other reports (which are yet to come). This commit adds
      checks to ensure these require parameters (especially a management IP
      address on a management VLAN interface) are set.
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      reports: Remove log spam · 230bb00e
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      Since calls to self.log_success() don't require a message argument and
      only saying that the check passed in the message just causes log spam in
      the report output, this commit removes the message argument from some
      calls to self.log_success(), only marking the devices as having passed
      the check without a log message. This enhances the readability of report
      outputs drastically.
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      devices: Add checks for required fields · 6ab6a20a
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      We require some fields to be specified for all devices of certain
      types/roles. This commit adds checks to enforce tenancy and/or contact
      assignments, mainly for servers, external hardware and some peripheral
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      devices: Adjust for NetBox 3.3 API · 2c5dc69c
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      The same as in the previous commit. Checks are now executed for all
      endpoints instead of just a single one.
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      aruba: Adjustments for NetBox 3.3 API · 24466c90
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      NetBox 3.3 introduced multi-endpoint cable terminations, which brings a
      breaking API change with it. This commit adjusts the uplink checks to
      consider all endpoints and uses the newly named attributes.
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