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......@@ -10,3 +10,14 @@ See `fem-netbox-user-scripts.example.conf` for an example configuration.
* python3
* extra python3 libraries: see `requirements.txt`
## Contributing
Just follow a few rules when contributing:
* Try do stick to PEP8.
* Keep the code readable at all times. This especially means avoiding overly large loops/ifs and too many levels of indentation.
* Code and text is in English and stays English.
* Keep secrets outside the repo. The best place for them is the configuration file, so provide an example how to set your secret there.
* Keep constants and magic values out of the code. Code must work without relying on any magic values within the code. If constants are required (e.g. like role names in ``), keep them as a variable with a sensible name at the top of the file or class.
* Keep your functions short. Most long functions can be split into multiple smaller functions whose names are (in most cases) self-documenting. If you can do this in a sensible way, do it. Don't be lazy.
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