1. 05 Apr, 2022 2 commits
  2. 27 Feb, 2022 1 commit
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      dokuwiki-export: Export comments field · aa8871c0
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      The comments field contains additional user-written information that
      might be crucial in an emergency situation to resolve issues. It might
      further be used in the future to replace server wiki pages altogether.
      This commit adds export of the comments field in the Wiki within
      <markdown> tags to allow proper formatting.
  3. 26 Feb, 2022 1 commit
  4. 14 Feb, 2022 2 commits
  5. 09 Feb, 2022 4 commits
  6. 08 Feb, 2022 6 commits
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      export-netbox-to-dokuwiki: Fix URL exports · a8c0774b
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      URL exports were broken. Exported URLs pointed to API endpoints and VLAN
      URLs didn't even get printed since a variable was overwritten,
      resulting in invalid DokuWiki syntax.
      This commit fixes both problems by extracting the real url from the API
      endpoint URL and changing the used operator in the format_vlan() method
      that caused the invalid syntax problems.
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      Add deployment script · b49fa028
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
    • Adrian Schollmeyer's avatar
      Update CHANGELOG, Version bump 0.3 · 6701ca01
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
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      export-netbox-to-dokuwiki: Add links to NetBox page to exports · 6cb99d79
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      To have an easily accessible to the original NetBox pages in the export,
      this commit adds links to device pages and VLAN names.
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      export-netbox-to-dokuwiki: Add Exception reporting · 9bfbcae9
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      Exceptions previously caused the program to just stop. However, this did
      not notify the monitoring system about a problem. If the problem
      persists, this would be caught since the passive check has a freshness
      and exceptions prevented the script from sending a notification to the
      monitoring. However, if the problems were only intermittend, there would
      be no way to detect that.
      This commit sends information to the monitoring if exceptions are
      caught. This ensures a fast reaction to possible exceptions during the
      exporter run (e.g. by stupid incompatible API changes).
    • Adrian Schollmeyer's avatar
      export-netbox-to-dokuwiki: Use new attribute name for display name · f51c9129
      Adrian Schollmeyer authored
      Previous versions of the NetBox API used display_name as variable name
      for a device's display name. Newer NetBox versions instead use display
      as variable name.
      This commit adjusts the wiki export to the new variable name to make it
      compatible to newer NetBox versions.
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