Commit 7892f5d0 authored by gari's avatar gari
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users::garionion add starship pakage

parent da5a8244
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
packages = with pkgs; [
wget vim screen mtr iperf
htop dstat dnsutils nettools tcpdump
git bat
git bat starship
hashedPassword = "$6$NMzXsfARs2HVA4iq$55uxWCANME/HsjIg9HmZyxqGwlr7RpJfCcMad2OhbmUiHhdnOh/v9TDwT3Vt0mu9HE37Fh3b1g2yyEa3Dxxg80";
extraGroups = [ "wheel" ]; # Enable ‘sudo’ for the user.
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